The powerful GTX 1080 could be coming this May

Nvidia's Pascal architecture could be right around the corner.

The powerful GTX 1080 could be coming this May

Great news for those feeling that their GTX 980 cards are simply not powerful enough - the GTX 1080 could be launching May.

Chinese site Benchlife has picked up on a rumour - and there's not much more than that at this stage - that the Pascal-based GTX 1080 will release on the 27th of May with a massive 8GB of GDDR5 or GDDR5x memory. The site believes the launch could be announced next month.

The GTX 1080 had been reported to sport HBM2 RAM, but that's not going to be available in time.

The choice of RAM is a bit up in the air. Benchlife says either GDDR5 or GDDR5x is likely, but the only company making the RAM, Micron, has said that production of 8nm GDDR5x RAM is only ramping up in mid-2016. The voltage on the RAM modules remains the same, but its capable to twice the performance of GDDR5 - up to 16GB/s.