The Red Solstice gets four new classes

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The Red Solstice gets four new classes

On July 10th, the Red Solstice will leave early access, bringing to bear a single-player campaign, a tutorial, skirmish modes, and more.

The game’s four new classes are the Medic, Hellfire, Recon, and Demolition types.

To get the most out of the Medic, it’s best to play as a support-character, using their buffs to strengthen the team, and healing them when necessary. The Hellfire suit specialises in crowd control and CQC, bringing weapons like flamethrowers and miniguns to the table. Though not the most accurate, they’d likely be the ‘skillgate’ character for new players. Unlike the former two, the Recon suit is built around speed, distance, and target painting; the class can call in supplies and orbital strikes, at the cost of being the weakest and most fragile of the classes. Finally, the Demolition class: able to lay down traps and launch AOE attacks, this class is about more than killing power, letting players disarm hostile explosives.  

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