The Surge goes out on a limb with sequel announcement

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The Surge goes out on a limb with sequel announcement

The Surge was a pretty solid sci-fi tribute to Dark Souls. Certainly it was interesting enough to appear on the cover of our print edition early last year, even if it didn't quite fulfil all of its promise upon release.

So we're pleased to see it did well enough to warrant a sequel. It's called The Surge 2 and will be out sometime in 2019.

Original developer Deck 13, who also made the solid-but-not-quite-as-solid Souls clone Lords of the Fallen, is again on board. If they can continue the trajectory from Lords to The Surge then The Surge 2 could be rather good.

From the few details divulged in the press release it sounds like they're adopting a "bigger and better" approach. It's set in a "sprawling, devastated city," the level design promises to be "larger and more ambitious," the combat engine has apparently been "upgraded and improved" and the first game's one unique feature - the limb targeting system where you salvaged gear from chopping off more heavily-armoured enemy limbs - is said to be "expanded."


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