There's a mess of new content coming soon to Sea of Thieves

Feel like Sea of Thieves is a bit light on actual stuff? That's gonna change.

There's a mess of new content coming soon to Sea of Thieves

I've not yet played Sea of Thieves - curse my refusal to update to Windows 10! - but from what I've heard from colleagues, it's a fun game hampered by a lack of content. Sounds like developer Rare has been listening, as it's just announced a raft (get it?!) of new content drops over the coming months.

First down the gangplank (I can do this all day) will be The Hungering Deep in May, which brings a new AI-driven threat for players to face, new gameplay mechanics, and of course more loot.

Then, in the winter months (well, northern hemisphere summer, southern hemisphere winter), there'll be two more updates - Cursed Sails will bring a new type of ship, while Forsaken Shores adds "a perilous new part of the world to explore."

For now, though, Rare is working away at making the current iteration of the game as strong as possible, and is addressing the following points:

  • Bringing players together in interesting ways, encouraging different types of player encounters
  • Enriching the world that players adventure in
  • Giving players new ways to play
  • Giving players a variety of goals and rewards
  • Broadening the journey to Pirate Legend and beyond

Rare is very much taking the "launch is just the start" angle with Sea of Thieves, but it really does sound like they're well aware that the game was a little undercooked at launch.

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