Ubisoft's next indie-style game is Atomega

The spiritual successor to Grow Home hits Steam next week.

Ubisoft's next indie-style game is Atomega

Grow Home came out of nowhere and was a genuinely fun little game from a company better known of entrenched franchises and AAA monsters. But that's one Ubisoft's charms - every now and then it puts together a team of devs, and lets them go wild indie-style.

And Atomega is the latest fruit this strategy has borne.

Atomega is an eight player game set at the end of time, where all life has been reduced to exoforms - basically, collections of vaguely mobile cubes. These exoforms start out simply, but by acquiring mass they can evolve into larger and more powerful shapes. Check out the trailer.

Like what you see? It hits Steam - NO UPLAY HOORAH! - next week on the 21st.

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