War Mode returns to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this weekend

WAR. HUH! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? A lot of fun, probably.

War Mode returns to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this weekend

PUBG's there again, gone again new War Mode is back again, but only for a limited time, this weekend. The mode kicks off from May 17 7PM PDT, and will run until May 20 7PM PDT.

For us here in Australia, that equates to starting at 12PM on Friday the 18th. Man, I hate timezones.

If you missed the mode last time around, it's basically a deathmatch that pits players against each other in up to ten teams of five, in a random safe-zone on the Miramar desert map. The safe zone is relatively small, and never changes size or location, and the aim is to rack up 200 points first, by killing or knocking opposing players. 

After you die, you respawn from a plane that flies over every 40 seconds. Kill, be killed, spawn, rinse, repeat.

This time around, however, players will start the game with high tier gear, including a level three vest and helmet, two grenades, and a random care package weapon - an AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or AUG. 

See you in Miramar!

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