Welcome to the new world of 65-inch PC gaming

Nvidia and partners announce a new monitor format

Welcome to the new world of 65-inch PC gaming

Bigger = better, which is especially true of gaming. At this year's CES Nvidia has just announced what it hopes will become a popular and standard format, with a range of screens all 65-inchers at 4k resolution, 120Hz refresh and G-Sync support.

It all falls under the new BFGD moniker (Big Format Gaming Displays)

And no, they probably won't be cheap. 

Regardless, for gamers with as much cash as gaming passion can now sit in front of a truly monstrous screen, all decked out with the best in game technology. We do like that resolution is set at 4k. Achieving smooth frame rates at that resolution is perfectly achievable, provided of course you're sporting a recent generation GPU. Many games won't even need that if they're not especially demanding, and with G-Sync and that 120Hz to help things along the result should be spectacular.

In the announcement Nvidia pointed to partnerships with Acer, Asus and HP. We have yet to hear of defined models or prices.

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