Review: Asus ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard

Who needs a numpad?

Review: Asus ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard
Supplier: Asus
Price: $220.00

You know a product is high-end when it arrives in a beautiful felt cover, as with the Claymore. There’s also that $220 price tag, one of the highest on the market. Given there’s so much competition in mechanical keyboards, what makes the Claymore stand out?

Asus has gone for the frameless chassis that is now becoming so popular with gaming boards, making it a breeze to clean out the keys with a quick blow of compressed air. It’s fully RGB enabled of course, and synchs with Asus’ Aura colour-matching scheme, which makes all of your Aura-devices pulse in the same colour, and react to certain sound effects which you can program. 

Built from aluminium, this keyboard feels nice and strong, though we’re not huge fans of the Micro-USB connection that can be disconnected from the board – these ports have a tendency to bugger up over time. It obviously comes with Cherry MX switches, with the option of Cherry MX RGB (Red, Blue, Brown, and Black options). But what really separates this keyboard is the numpad. It attaches to the keyboard via a magnet, and can be swapped from the left to right without having to turn your PC off. This make it perfect for left-handers, or those who use a unique config for certain games. We only wish there was an optional wrist-rest, something our ageing wrists appreciate these days. 

For the price we would have liked dedicated macro keys and multimedia controls (there is a volume roller, but that’s it), but the detachable numpad makes this keyboard rather different to the rest. 

• Cherry MX keys
• Aura lighting scheme
• Detachable numpad
• Ouch-worthy price
• No macro or media keys
8 10
With a frameless design and removable numpad, this premium keyboard is a little different to the rest – pity about the lack of Macros though.
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