Review: Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530/520 mouse

No frills.

Review: Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530/520 mouse
Supplier: Cooler Master
Price: $59.00

After seeing so many mice with eleventeen billion buttons, all the RGBs in the world and thousands more DPI than anyone really uses, it’s nice to see a company release a well-made and great feeling barebones mouse. The MasterMouse 520 and 530 feature a few little differences aside from the shape, but for the most part house the same guts. Built around a PMW-3360 optical sensor, both mice feel fast and accurate. Both mice also have nicely textured scroll wheels and two thumb buttons.

The major difference between the two mice is the shape of the body. The MM520 is short and features a prominent finger rest to the right-hand side, making it ideal for claw grippers, while the MM530 is longer and narrower making it more comfortable for a palm grip. The MM530 also features a second DPI button so users can adjust DPI up and down rather than simply cycling through the available options. Why this feature was not included in the MM520 is a bit of a mystery. Although the locations of the zones are a little different on each model, the MM520 and 530 also both feature three RGB zones if coloured lights are your thing.

Although the software is a bit clunky, it’s also good and functional and even allows users to set one of the buttons as a shift key all but doubling the number of buttons on the mouse. All this functionality for $59 – it’s hard to argue with that value. 

• Good sensor
• Excellent value
• Comfortable
• A little creaky
9 10
Two excellent, simple mice at very good prices.
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