Review: Cooler Master MK 750 gaming keyboard

Desktop strobe lighting.

Review: Cooler Master MK 750 gaming keyboard
Supplier: Cooler Master
Price: $189.00

It takes a little while to get used to the keyboard commands for changing the lighting on the MK 750. F1-F8 all have different functions for the lighting when combined with the Fn key, from changing the intensity of a hue to changing an actual effect, making it all too easy to turn your keyboard into a strobe light. With that out of the way, however, we can definitely say that Cooler Master has delivered a great looking, feeling and performing keyboard with the MK 750.

Our review model came with Cherry Brown switches but the MK750 also comes with Cherry Red and Blue SKUs. Construction of the keyboard is nice and solid, using a combination of an aluminium top plate and plastic for the base. The comfortable if somewhat firm wrist rest attaches magnetically, but that attachment isn’t too firm, meaning that it can slip as your hands move. The switches are mounted directly on the plate, so there is quite a lot of light bleed around the keys, but on the upside, the LEDs are nice and bright and easily shine through the keycaps. Four dedicated AV switches control play/pause, forward, rewind and mute/unmute, and F11-F12 are used as macro keys for on-the-fly macro recording when in Fn mode. 

If you’re after more direct control of the lighting, the MK 750 supports drivers, but after some initial frustration we managed to settle on having a slowly pulsing green/blue backlight. For $189, Cooler Master has delivered a very good keyboard that may cause a little frustration at the early stages of use. 

• Feels great
• Excellent build quality
• Bright lights
• RGB controls are very average
9 10
A great keyboard from Cooler Master featuring bright lighting, our favourite base Cherry switches and solid build quality.
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