Review: Corsair LINK RGB kit

Let it bling.

Review: Corsair LINK RGB kit
Supplier: Corsair
Price: Corsair Lighting Node Pro RGB $78.00  |  Corsair HD120 RGB LED, 3x120mm High Performance RGB LED PWM fans $120.00  |  Corsair Commander Pro $109.00

We’re doing this review a little differently than usual. Rather than review a single RGB product, we’re reviewing Corsair’s RGB ecosystem. So it’s really three products in one, and our goal is to see if buying all of them together is worth the rather high price. 

The first of the three products is a triple pack of HD120 LED fans. Each has 12 RGB LEDs mounted in the frame, and there’s a button on each to control their mode or colour. With a rated maximum air flow of 54.4CFM, it’s not quite as powerful as Thermaltake’s Riing Plus 14, which has a flow of 63.19 CFM, even while Thermaltake claims its fans are quieter, at 27.2dB-A, versus the maximum of 30dBa for the Corsair fans. 

Next in the ecosystem is the Lighting Node Pro. This consists of four RGB LED strips, but each light is independently controlled, so you don’t need to set the entire strip to simultaneous colours. For example, you can have one light on the strip flash white while another is red. This feature appears to be unique to Corsair, but we can expect it to start to become the norm if RGB history is any indication. Thermaltake also illustrates similar functionality on its Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C RGB Magnetic LED Strip Control Pack, yet its LUMI Colour LED Strip doesn’t seem to support this. The four Corsair light strips come with a USB 2.0 hub for control, but there’s a better solution that will integrate all of your Corsair items under its Link software. 

This is the final piece of the pie, the Corsair Commander Pro. This compact box supports up to six fan connections, four temperature probe inputs, twin RGB LED channels, and additional USB devices, as it only requires a single interior USB header but comes with two of its own. It’s small enough to tuck away behind your motherboard, and comes with enough cable extensions that you should be able to reach all of your RGB devices.

One highlight of Corsair’s ecosystem is the excellent LINK software, which has one of the simplest interfaces we’ve seen. It also works with MSI’s Mystic and Asus’ Aurus motherboard RGB lighting. However, we think it’s a little overpriced when compared to the likes of Thermaltake, which offers marginally better performance, the same feature set, but a cheaper price point.

• Easy to setup
• Excellent software
• Lower fan flow
• More expensive
7 10
Currently we favour Thermaltake’s RGB solution over the Corsair LINK, but it’s a mighty close race.
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