Review: Cougar Immersa Headset

Cheap and extremely chearful

Review: Cougar Immersa Headset
Supplier: Cougar
Price: $59.00

Cougar is definitely looking to shake up the headset market with the release of the Immersa. It’s a great looking, hugely comfortable, great sounding, and well-built headset with a price tag that puts it firmly in the budget range. In fact the price in Australia is something of a miracle. The Immersa has been released in the US at $49, so with exchange rates being what they are, the Immersa headset is actually cheaper locally than pretty much any other territory in the world.

Keeping with the orange and black colours synonymous with Cougar design, the Immersa is a pretty striking headset, with a bright orange sprung headband and orange accents on the rear grill of the ear cups and massive cushions that look like training wheels for your head. The headset is extremely comfortable and stable. The tightness of the headband clamps the huge cushions to your head, making for some good passive sound occlusion and the sprung strap supports the weight of the headset nicely. You can wear the headset for hours without a hint of discomfort.

The 40mm drivers in each earcup are excellent for the price point but as with all things you get what you pay for. The bass is nice and clear but lacks that truly satisfying impact and the high range is a little on the flat side. The mid ranges, however, are excellent, with clear voice reproduction and there is good detail in the mid ranges for both gaming and music. The retractable mic is well positioned and easily moved for maximum pickup, but again, you get what you pay for.

With the Immersa, Cougar has done something unexpected. The company has made one of the best budget range headsets we’ve seen. If you don’t have too much cash to splash around, it’s an almost perfect gaming solution.

Very comfortable
Excellent build quality
Very cheap
Flat high range
Bass lacks impact
Smart Buy
9 10
The Immersa is cheap, massively comfortable and has good sound reproduction. It’s our new budget headset of choice.
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