Review: Gamdias Hermes RGB gaming keyboard

Type the rainbow.

Review: Gamdias Hermes RGB gaming keyboard
Supplier: Gamdias
Price: $169.00

The Hermes RGB is one of the heaviest keyboards that we have ever received for testing, tipping the scales at around 1.2kg, despite the chassis being made of plastic. This weight comes from a massive polished steel mounting plate that the Kailh/Gamdias Blue switches sit on. 

This plate is a fine example of the quality of construction of the Hermes RGB – the plate is rock solid and negates the flex or bounce that heavy gaming sessions might produce, and the polished surface helps refract light from the RGBs, making them extremely bright.

The lighting can be controlled either through the fairly decent drivers or via functions on the six keys above the arrows. If RBG is your thing then the range of basic options, as well as the driver granularity, should keep you happy. If you care about feel and performance more than flashing lights, the Hermes RGB is equally impressive. The Kailh/Gamdias switches are all but indistinguishable from their similarly coloured Cherry counterparts, though in the case of the Blue switches in this keyboard, the click seems to be a little more muted with the exception of the extremely loud spacebar. 1-6 on the number bar, space, and the B key are designated as programmable macro button with on the fly macro programming.
The lack of a USB passthrough or audio ports in a keyboard that sets you back around $170 is a bit of a disappointment, but in terms of usability, feel and build quality, the Hermes RGB is an excellent mechanical keyboard option. 

This is the first mechanical keyboard we’ve seen from Taiwanese manufacturer Gamdias, but if the quality of the Hermes is anything to go by, we certainly hope it’s not the last. 

• Extremely robust
• Feels great
• Very bright RGB
• No passthrough
• Wrist rest a little small
9 10
An extremely well made mechanical board that is a pleasure to use.
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