Review: HyperX Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse

Irresistible coolness.

Review: HyperX Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse
Supplier: HyperX
Price: $109.00

More than a few RGB mice have passed under our palms but this is hands-down the nicest looking. It carefully straddles totally over the top with relative subtlety, creating a sharp line of illumination that looks gorgeous. You can of course go gaudy and have rainbow cycling, but I think it looks grand enough with a static colour. It’ll do cycling and static red with no software, or pretty much whatever you want with the NGenuity app installed.

It feels only average out of the box, somewhat light and with a hard shell, but I was hooked the moment I started using it. I think this is my new favorite mouse. The lightness means easy speed of movement and the comfort is bang on perfect, with it arched just enough for palm-resters but with room for claw grippers to feel right at home. 

Generous Teflon acreage makes it super smooth and the buttons have just the right amount of click resistance so as not to slow you down, but still register the right feel. 

DPI runs up 16,000 which is definitely at the high end. You can use the app to show a set colour for each DPI setting, too, which is potentially handy. The only negative may be a big one, though, as there’s just a single button for DPI adjustments so you may need to cycle through the whole set of five DPI settings if you want to get to the setting you want, and can’t quickly move between, say, your favorite two settings.

• Looks Tronny
• Handles perfectly
•Only one DPI button
8 10
Smooth in operation, with solid options, and a great feel in the hand.
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