Review: Logitech G613 gaming keyboard

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Review: Logitech G613 gaming keyboard
Supplier: Logitech
Price: $169.95

It’s safe to say that there are a few things people usually think of when talking about gaming keyboards. Mechanical switches rank up there, as do N-Key rollover, anti-ghosting and usually some kind of backlight or RGB. One thing that doesn’t come up is wireless connectivity, but with the G613 Logitech is looking to change that. Using the same technology as seen in their excellent wireless gaming mice, Logitech has developed a lag-free wireless keyboard well up to the challenges hours upon hours of gaming can throw at it. Unfortunately the G613, much like the odd product number, feels a little more like a half step that a fully featured product we can wholeheartedly recommend.

On the good side, the wireless connection is excellent and pairing the keyboard with a PC is very simple. The G613 features a full suite of Romer-0G keys, making it a pleasure to use, and as always, the short throw of the switches makes the keyboard feel very fast. It’s also quite an elegant looking keyboard that would be at home on a swanky CEO desk. 

Unfortunately, it’s also a very bulky keyboard with a built-in wrist rest and extra width to accommodate a row of programmable G keys. There’s also a total lack of backlighting that is a bit of a pain. This is most probably to save on battery life – the G613 boasts up to 18 months on two AA batteries – but for usability and desirability it definitely takes a bit of a hit due to the absence. 

• Good Wireless
• Romer-G switches
• Large footprint
• No backlighting
7 10
The wireless works well, but the keyboard feels a little clunky.
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