Review: Razer Mamba and Firefly Hyperflux

A very slick and clever mouse and pad combo - but at a price...

Review: Razer Mamba and Firefly Hyperflux
Supplier: Razer
Price: $399.00

I can't remember the last time I was excited about a mouse pad. And I'm pretty sure I've been less than excited about mice ever since Corsair pretty much put a lock on my mousing time with its first few forays into the market. Am I jaded? Possibly.

But that just makes my excitement for Razer's latest effort that much more surprising.

The product name is one of those 'does what it says on the tin' jobbies - it's a box with a Mamba mouse and Firefly mousepad in it. They both come with RGB goodness because that's essential in every gaming product these days, and they're just as comfy as you'd expect. But there's a new trick in Razer's sleeve, and that's its Hyperflux tech.

It's basically a wireless power solution. You plug in the mouse pad, but not the mouse, and the Hyperflux tech in the pad and mouse power your rodent to do its thing. What this means is not only do you do away with cables, but it also keeps the mouse nice and light, as it doesn't nee a large onboard battery to hold charge. 

In use the Mamba feels light and agile, capable of precise motions in both day-to-day functions and more high-stress clutch moments in your favourite games. And lacking a cord, it's just... more elegant. The Firefly mouse pad good and large, with a strip of lighting around it that you'll either love or hate, and you can flip the surface pad to either a silky smooth cloth for really smooth mouse operation, or to a rougher plastic texture for those who prefer more feedback in the mousing.

And setup is super easy, as the software to download runs automatically when you plug your new gear in.

It all just works, and really does work well. But it does so at a cost. If you bought a normal Mamba mouse or Firefly mousepad it'll cost a shade under $200. Getting the pair with Hyperflux technology may give you bragging rights and a little less clutter on your desk, but it will also set you back $399, which is a lot of cash no matter how good the outcome is. Sure, it's nice to have a wireless mouse that doesn't need to mess around charging docks and so on, but I'm just not sure it justifies that much out of pocket expense.

Which is a shame, because it really is a great bit of gaming gear. 

* Excellent for gaming
* Amazingly light mouse
* Hyperflux just sounds COOL
* Very, VERY expensive
8 10
Fantastic to use and tech that just works. But at a price that makes it very hard to justify.
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