Review: Zen Space Sit+Stand Desk

Ironically avoid death with an electrified work surface!

Review: Zen Space Sit+Stand Desk
Supplier: Zen Space Desks
Price: $1200.00

Why does the dedicated gaming zone so often neglect the desk? Why is the slice of artificial horizontality that is absolutely key to your gaming enjoyment, so rarely given proper consideration? 

If you like a quality desk, then finding one to suit a gaming setup can be frustrating. Many’s an Ikea special that has become bowed and sagging from a decade of holding up monitor, tower and more.

Zen Space got into desks to do office fit-outs. And because converting a desk from sit to stand with a crank is a pain, Zen Space built a couple of high-torque electric motors into the legs, and added a control panel. Now, at the touch of a button, the desktop will rise to a preset position.

The Professional - the model we tested - has four memory settings and can rise up to 1.27m. It can also drop to a positively tea-house 62cm for those days where you want to beanbag it. 

Thanks to hefty steel construction of the legs, the desk can support 120kg, and it can be specced with an awesome cable management system - which will change your life, take it from us.

This desk was designed for corporates, but Zen Space is working on a more specific gaming range, so check the website for progress.

At $1200, this is obviously a premium product, but it should also last for decades. And anyway, standing to play Overwatch might even give you an edge - who can put a price on that? 

• Easy to assemble
• Excellent build quality
• Built tough for years of punishment
• Very expensive
• Cable management costs extra
Power Award
9 10
A serious investment, but a good one against future back pain. Plus it looks cool.
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