Review: ZQ Alien-series gaming chair

Built to last, and to play a lot of games in.

Review: ZQ Alien-series gaming chair
Supplier: ZQ
Price: $459.00

Since we first got this chair, ZQ has been offering it ‘on sale’. It’s usually priced at $499, but the current price is $459. It’s a lot of pay for a chair, but the chair you get is likely to easily outlast not only your gaming PC as it currently stands, but also your desk.

Maybe even you.

As you’d expect, though, you have to put it together first, and this is the one area where the impressive build quality of the Alien works against it. Putting it together by myself, it was at times a literal balancing act to get everything fitting properly while it was invariably braced in place by body parts, and even once my over-inquisitive cat. But, once together, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a piece of furniture quite so fit for purpose.

The Alien sits on a heavy, all-metal wheeled base which helps it remain in place as you jerk about in motion while racing or shooting newbs. Its bucket-style seat almost wraps around you, offering support for lower back, head, and neck (thanks to two removable pillow-style supports). The comfortable arms can be moved up and down, back and forward, and even angled in or out – getting them just right for your own build and your desk is a breeze. 

But most importantly, it’s damn comfy to game in, work in, or just generally schlub about it in. I’ve been playing looong sessions of the Mass Effect series in the run-up to Andromeda, and I doubt I could have done it without an Alien to sit on.

• Sturdy construction
• Five different colours
• Adjustable arms
• Rather large in small apartments
• Expensive
Power Award
9 10
If you can justify the price, this is an excellent addition for any gamer who spends long hours cramped over their keyboard and mouse.
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