Far Cry 5 story trailer kicks off a holy war

Plus, Far Cry 5 season pass now includes Far Cry 3


If the latest trailer for Ubisoft's open world shooter is anything to go by, the tone of Far Cry 5 is going to be all over the place.

In this "story trailer" we get a bunch of serious religious themed cut-scenes (flame-shrouded crosses, blood-spattered churches, a rather final looking baptism) followed by some ridiculous gameplay footage (tractors mowing down people, a quadbike doing a sick jump, a helicopter shot down by a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher).

And in a further bid to undercut anything the story might say, Ubisoft has also detailed the game's season pass content.

"You’ll go on a ride through three uncanny adventures," says the grammatically awkward press release, "facing off against hordes of zombies, escape from behind Vietcong enemy lines, and save Earth from a Martian arachnid invasion."

Also, you get a free copy of Far Cry 3.

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