New Metal Gear Survive trailer shows just the right amount of jank

Watch military men ruin their knees as they hunt down zombies


The first Metal Gear since Konami parted ways with series creator Hideo Kojima just got a new trailer. And it looks pretty good.

Survive takes the open world stealth mechanics of MGS V: The Phantom Pain and adds, well, hordes of zombies. There's loads of crafting, plenty of base to build, and countless opportunities for undead-related hilarity.

The idea of a zombie-themed spin-off to Metal Gear Solid V is both preposterous and the most utterly predictable thing a conservative publisher could have done. But what we dig about the way they appear to be approaching it is the sense they understand it should be funny, and just a little bit janky.

We also appreciate that this self-described gameplay trailer shows nothing but actual gameplay. Maybe there's a future for Metal Gear - and Konami - post-Kojima after all.

Metal Gear Survive launches on February 22. There's a beta starting shortly but it looks like that's only for consoles.

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